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Hi.. wish you have wonderful life today, i finally write my blog again today, and i have freebie to share , a new CU roses, and News from P4DSDesignz … Yay

as always if you wish to grab the freebie,  you can find the freebie’s download link by scroll down to the bottom of this post ..and  if you would love to read my bubbling today,  you are very welcome too <3…

it’s been a while couldn’t stare my laptop for more than an hour,  it used to be hours i spent create stuffs, till my alarm remind me to pick up kiddos, and … well sometimes… hum many times Bubu’s cute barks and whine remind me to stop and look to other stuffs… such as play with her..


yeah.. since i lost my cute little dog tragically, thanks to Kathie who keep mailing me with her wise words,kindness and loving heart, she said i need to channel my grieve to my artwork, or anything else that would bring positive outcome

so i sketch (will show you below) .. but it brings me tears, always in tears and hate to tears… it always give me headache..


I know all my lovely friends who understand my sadness, and keep me in their heart and thought, thank you for the supports!!, and i know for some people, seems it’s too much and over exaggerated to grieve for a little dog, well, if they know and feel how “bubu” give me all the joy i could ever feel from anyone or anything… i believe they will understand. Well.. even i attended so many motivational seminar, i always begin anything with the thought .. ugh this is so hard.. ‘s attitude, but accompanied by Bubu … she makes me relax and just by stand or sit and her presents make everything looks easier to go through day by day.

and during the sadness .. thank goodness there are Kathie, i met her about a year ago by scrapbooks, she feel my lost, and my lovely sister Bulan, who understand my sadness (to her i told where i put Bubu RIP)

love to share (one of them) quote of Kathie’s words that keeps me to move day by day

“You will get back to designing when you are ready. By making the changes in your home first to change the area where you worked with Bubu right by you, needed to be done first. It was just too painful for you to try to keep working, when all it did was make you miss her more. It will get better “

yeah i know every year of my life looks like in grieve mode,.. blah..

and i really a slow digest for all the loving suggestions that ever given to me, more over, i am not just a slower to do anything, almost everything is Work in Progress, i left one thing to another fascinating stuff that come up in my mind :p

i just run around the house create or moving stuffs, cleaned up, gardening,  etc.. but still it so hard to focus on my designing…

but hey i made some cute things on Mom’s birthday, roses, banner and print out a Layout too, it’s a A4 birthday card to say we love her and frame the layout with styrofoam.. i really thanking to all My Sisters and Brothers plans the whole activity during celebrate mom’s B’day.. yes we are have some fun that 2 days <3

and those roses… {hum i made 63 roses with felt and crepe paper since it’s her 63 birthday year} that i will share with you 3 of them here. There are 10 roses for my Newsletter Subscriber, and if you wish the complete 63 roses you my grab them at store ;)

yeah.. i think i need more  need time to get back to designs, or support from friends to whip me to get back and create some products, ugh truth is, Kiddos Need really a greatest whip to me … so yeah i have to get back and get creative for my beloved kiddos

and while i try to get back to my designs, love to share the news that Kathie was work so hard to added lots of my Products at P4DSDesignz , and the great news is i’m having a Buy My Store there too !!!!, and there is  more…. She’s so kind helped me with the license, you can have and purchased the licenses there too, so come visit us at P4DSDesignz now!!! and you will notice   we having a sale too… all my products you can save 20% off

Buy My Store Now!

Buy My Store


Eirene Designs CU4CU Lifetime Script License

Eirene Designs CU4CU Lifetime Script License

Eirene Designs Lifetime CU4CU License

Eirene Designs Lifetime CU4CU License

Mom’s Bday




My Things that Working In Progress :

new curtain i try to changed, since it keeps remind me of Bubu standing there everyday waiting for me.. home, or some times from this windows Bubu and me watching Cats walk in our tiny yard




now in Progresslo-jun-k

Gardening with kiddos

lo-jun-c lo-jun-d




eirene-roses1cufreethank you all for supports!!!, and here’s your freebie




Thank you for your supports!!!


  1. caren lyn
    on June 9th, 2015

    so sorry your adorable dog loss, what a cutie patootie!! {{{hugs}}}} thanks for the freebie ♥ it!!

  2. BlueCat
    on June 10th, 2015

    Great photo for your Mom’s birthday.
    Thank you very much for the lovely roses

  3. Caroline B.
    on June 11th, 2015

    Thanks a lot ! I send you good vibes !! <3

  4. Lisa Bowman - Rebel Without A Pause
    on June 30th, 2015

    Eirene, to those of us that consider our four-legged friends family, I know the pain you feel and these dear friends are so much more to us than “just a pet” – they love unconditionally, understand our moods and are always there for us. The grieving process is hard and I don’t think we ever get over their loss – each one is a treasure and none are forgotten. Thank you so much for all your wonderful freebies the are appreciated. Hugs – Lisa

  5. eirene
    on July 10th, 2015

    Thank you So much Lisa <3 .. That really means a lot to me